If you will ask someone, probably he or she won’t be able to remember when it’s all started. Ever since, they usually say. And, frankly, it’s not so far away from truth.

Many people think that they are the true symbol of the Cracow’s market. Cracow’s floristst, because it’s all about them, are inseparable symbol of the city’s landscape.

If you date someone in Cracow, you probably know that it can be truly magical. However, it’s, as usual, all about the start. So start from buying a bouquet of beatiful flowers. As the florists say, girls these days are no longer into roses. Now, it’s all about the wild flowers.

omething, that captivates simplicity.




There are many ways to spend a great time with your loved one in Cracow, but some are better than the others. Especially when the weather is sunny, the sky is blue and the greenery is green all around.

Frankly, when the weather conditions are good for both of you, you need only a few things to have it all. A basket, a blanket, and a place, where all you can hear are yourselves. And, of course, the ideal mix of sun and warm breeze.


There at least three places in Cracow that fulfill all these conditions.

First of them are Planty. The park that encircles the Stare Miasto can be a true haven from the city’s hustle. People are walking, not running, and usually, most of them just enjoy the quietness of the trees.

Second, is the Błonia Meadow, though it might be quite difficult to find a tree with a nice shadow. Błonia is a great place to enjoy a picnic. And for a breath of fresh air.

Third and probably the best idea is the Wolski Forrest. There’s only one disadvantage - it can take you even an hour to get there. But believe is, it’s worth it. The forest is stretched on a hill. You find there many beautiful clearings and a lot of uniqual places. You both will remember the afternoon spent there.


If you ever been to Cracow, you may have noticed that there are only a few places in the center of the city where you can enjoy the open-air pleasures. Yes, there are Blonia - especially if youre a fan of rollerskating. There are Planty if youre much into walking, and you have a thing about the noir films. But, first of all, there is Zakrzowek, the forest hidden right outside the center.

Zakrzowek was created serendipitously. It was a limestone quarry and because of the operator of one of the machines, he accidentally broke the water table. From now on, we have a small lagoon in Cracow, with crystal clear blue water but of immense depth. Its officially prohibited but you can get dive into in a scuba diving school that works on the shore. The depth of Zakrzowek varies from 7 meters to 21. You may think that scuba diving in a place that once was a quarry might be a bit boring, but its the exact opposite. The bottom of Zakrzowek is cluttered with vehicles and boats that sunk there.  However, you dont need to get into the water to truly enjoy the green area of Zakrzowek.


People of Cracow go there for a barbecue, walk, or running. Its a great place for rock-climbing but remember that you need to have your own equipment. Its definitely not a place for the beginners.


And if you find yourself a bit adventurer, explore the nearby Austrian bunkers that have been carved into the cliffs.


If you want to get there: take a tram 18 or a bus 194 and take the stop Norymberska or Kapelanka. But dont get there after dark! Therere no additional city lamps to lighten your way.


You've probably heard about the lover's bridge in Paris, but there are many more places in Europe in which people can make a statement about their feelings. It won't be a misuse, if we'll say that they are everywhere - like the topic to which they relate. The Footbridge Bernatka in Krakow is one of the examples.

Bernatka opened in 2010 and merged two Krakow's districts - Podgorze and Kazimierz. Soon after it became one of the popular walking spots, especially during the weekends - walking, because it serves only to pedestrians and cyclists.


But Bernatka is - first and foremost - the lover's bridge. It is here where couples buckle a lock as a sign of undying love, and they thrown the key into the Vistula.

The truth is that you don't need to be on the bridge in Paris, or at the fountain in Rome, and even not in Krakow. There is always a right place to confess love - if only there is someone you love. However, if you're lucky enough to be with your loved one in Krakow - you know the place.

Places over the Vistula for the perfect date.

You want to take your loved one for a date and want it to be great? No worries, we got your back. At least till you’re near Krakow’s Vistula river.


One of the coolest places to be in Krakow. First of all - the location. Forum Przestrzenie owner’s adapted the old, monstrous hotel. Now, you will find there Polish fashion, a club, a bistro, and if you’re lucky enough, you may even take a part in one the cool events that are happening there through the year. You can also sit on a sunbed and watch how the day mixes with night - Forum knows how to do it right. Kids, animals, vegan, and vegetarian friendly. Ideal place for a date.

BARKA, at the corner of Gazowa St and Podgorska St

A place that soon after the day when they’ve opened the door for customers became a legend. Go there for a good Friday dancing. And what is hidden under the „dancing” thing we shall keep this a secret. Kids, animal, vegetarian friendly, and also with a gluten free options in the menu.


Simple yet sufficient small cafe with nice food and even nicer wine. Especially known for their French cuisine. Awarded by the Michelin Guide and Gault & Millau - and as far we know, it should be enough for a recommendation.


Typical for today’s Poland place that combines cafe with a bookstore. Visit Metaforma for a nice breakfast with a view - it’s situated at the Vistula Boulevards so that you can enjoy the Sunday morning with your loved one even longer than usual.


If you’re in love, there’s no need for sacrifice but at least - there should a place for a padlock. Visit Kladka Bernatka with your loved one to seal your feelings by hanging a padlock on this lover’s bridge. Do it in the evening, because the way that the bridge is lightened up will only add that sparkle you see on movies.


If there’s a season, food trucks are all over Vistula. Sometimes occasionally, on a big food truck events near Forum Przestrzenie but some of them stays in the same position through the summer, usually near Bernatka.